Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I write

A few weeks ago, I participated in a education Twitter chat.  One of the questions asked us to chime in on the educational value of classroom blogging.  The focus of the question was on student-created blogs and their value towards learning.  The responses were interesting and thought-provoking!  Why should students blog?  Why should people blog?

I started thinking about this blog.  Why do I write it?  What is the point?  Some authors say that they write about what they need to learn.  Maybe I am doing that?  Maybe each topic is my way of focusing on something I need to improve.

Lots of the Twitter chatter talked about the power of writing to enhance learning.  As the profession of teaching changes, I am imagining a classroom where the teacher blogs her own learning experiences alongside her students!  How powerful it would be to see teachers sharing their own learning with students as they share their own learning with each other!

I took a break from this blog.  I wanted to see if I missed it.  I wanted to see if the process of writing something and publishing it for all 15 of you to see was worth it.  Really, I have realized that I miss the process of putting words down and making them say what I hope for them to say.  I like trying to put my mental ideas into written words.  I learn from it.

You want your kids to write across the curriculum.  Why don't you?