Friday, January 6, 2017

Your score is ready!

Now that the calendar has turned, it is time to give you your final scores for 2016.  Here they are:

Domain #1  -  67
Domain #2  -  44
Domain #3  -  12

Now that you know your scores, I'd like you to take a few minutes to reflect upon them.  How did you do?  What are your strengths?  How will you make improvements?

Holy smokes!  I forget to tell you what the scores are measuring!  The first number is your rating as a blog reader.  It is based on your regular blog reading tendencies run through a complicated formula that measures you on a scale of other demographically similar blog readers.

The second number is your score of the comments you leave on blogs.  It is somewhat based on the value-added nature of your comments.  It also takes into consideration blogs that you read but do not actually leave comments for, knowing that sometimes "no comment" is the best comment.  There is also a component of this score contrived from your probable likelihood of future value-added comments.

The third score is a current and valid score of your anticipated level of improvement in blog readership and commenting.  This number is extrapolated using your current scores and a broad spectrum analysis of other blog readers based on state and national averages, longevity of readership, and blog loyalty.  Happenstance blog readers have been removed from the scores to minimize unnecessary variability.

Now... How did you do?  What are your strengths?  How will you make improvements?

So you still need more information to reflect upon your scores???  What is the scale, you ask???  What if I said the scale for each number was 1-100.  Can you start your reflection?  Well, that would be too easy.  The scale for the first score is 13-100.  The scale for the second score is 32-278.  The scale for the third score is 1-12.

Now you have enough information to reflect on your scores.   How did you do?  What are your strengths?  How will you make improvements?

The general reaction for each score is as follows:

Domain #1:  On a scale between 13 and 100, a 67 was felt to be just OK by most blog readers.  Not good.  Not bad.  Meh...
Domain #2:  On a scale between 32 and 278, a score of 44 was deemed to be pretty low.  Several folks agreed that a 44 might as well be the bottom of the barrel.  Ugggh.  
Domain #3:  On a scale between 1 and 12, getting the highest possible score was a delight to everyone!  Folks like to get the highest possible score!  It was notes that while domains #1 and #2 are not sources of pride, the score for domain #3 feels great because it indicates future success!

Finally, there is enough information to adequately reflect on your performance.  How did you do?  What are your strengths?  How will you make improvements?

Wait just a minute....  Another piece of information is available for your score analysis.  It may also affect your reflection.  

Domain #1 - 67
12 % of blog readers scored 60 or below
88% of blog readers scored 61 or greater

Domain #2 - 44
56% of blog readers scored 40 or below
38% of blog readers scored between 41 and 50
6% of blog readers scored 51 or greater

Domain #3 - 12
91% of blog readers scored a 12
9% of blog readers scored an 11

Now that you have the whole picture, are you ready to reflect again?  How did you do?  What are your strengths?  How will you make improvements?

Funny how the reflection changes with each new piece of information.  The scores did not change.  The context changed each time another piece of information was provided.  Twelve out of a possible twelve points felt great until the data showed that 100% of blog readers received an 11 or a 12.  Then that same 12 wasn't so exciting.  The 44 was well below the ceiling of 278 and felt pretty bad until we saw the company we were in.

The State of Texas is in the process of publishing new scores from a new school accountability rating system for Texas Public schools.  The scoring system will not become official until 2018.  The projected scores (grades) for last year were just released.  The scores are shocking folks across the state.  Some schools that have typically performed at the top of the heap are seeing scores that do not necessarily reflect being at the top.  

The school didn't change.  It was a good school under the old scoring system.  It is still a good school.  The school didn't change overnight.  It was simply measured differently.  The school's data didn't change overnight.  It was simply presented through a different lens.

Every school has strengths and bright spots.  Every school has challenges and improvement plans.  The new scoring system has flaws.  So did the old one.  Flawed as it may be, it simply gives you information to do better.  I like to do better!