Monday, June 1, 2015

I know what I know, but I still don't know!

Have you ever walked into a new place for a new job, met lots of nice people who asked you tons of great questions, and you answered almost every question with, "I don't know," even though you probably knew the answer at one time in your life and you will soon know the answer again?

Before walking in,  you knew you were as ready for the job as you could possibly be and you felt confident that you would find success in your new place.  You knew that your prior experiences prepared you well for this new challenge and your passion for the work compelled you to excel...yet once you arrived, there was so much you didn't know.

Once you walked in and began to talk with people, you realized that they are also passionate about this profession and they know how take care of business in an excellent manner.  They may be looking to you for answers but really, they already own the knowledge and are willing to help you learn.

Doing something for the first time, again, forces you to remember how much you need to rely on the experts all around you.  Thank you, experts!

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