Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I blew it!

"Daddy, guess what!  Today, I was curious if there was a way that I could get more recess at school!   I wrote the schedules, and did the math, and found good reasons online.  Did you know kids NEED recess?"

I replied, "I did know that!  Did you come up with a solution?"

He continues, "I did!  In flex time, I did the math for a new schedule and made a prezi and sent my solution to the principal through Google Classroom and guess what! I BLEW it!  I was so wrong!  I left out something really important!  How can we have longer recess and be sure the teachers get to eat lunch?"

"Yeah, I think it might be important for your teacher to eat.  So you blew it, huh?"

He finished, "Yeah, I blew it, but I'm not done and it is pretty cool that my principal asked me to keep working on it instead of just saying no.  Especially since I was so wrong!"

I asked, "If you were SO wrong, why are you gonna keep working on it?"

He looked at me incredulously, "Because I WANT to.  Duh!"

This almost-fictional story contains so many wonderful and engaging educational aspects that buzz right now.  Project-based Learning.  Creative problem-solving.  Integrated technology.  Flexible learning time.  A fail-forward attitude.  Collaboration between educators and students.  Wow!

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