Monday, January 8, 2018

Is Glenn in denial?

Everyone knows people who live in denial of their own habits and practices.  These folks say one thing and do another.  Or they preach one thing and practice something else.  Or they "always" or "never" do that one thing that they actually do more or less than they think!

If those people are out there, in great numbers, it makes sense that I am one of those people more often than I think.  This year, I want to keep my mind open and recognize when I am in denial of the practices where my actions don't match my beliefs.  I will ask my friends and family to let me know when I am full of bull.  I'm sure my teenage boys will be good helping me out!

I hope to find a bunch of habits and practices where I can put my money where my mouth is!  Where am I in denial???

Luckily, I am pretty good at forgiving myself for my mistakes and misdoings.  If I can close the gap between what I think/say/believe and what I do, I should exit 2018 a better person.

Wanna help me out with this endeavor?

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