Monday, February 19, 2018

Boycott The Incredibles

I think not!

I can't wait to see it!  My boys were the perfect age to enjoy the first one!  I am really looking forward to the sequel and so are many of my friends.  Earlier today, I noticed two tweets about the upcoming movie.  First, a friend of mine simply tweeted that she was looking forward to it and included a link to the movie trailer.  I watched the trailer.  Awesome!

Then I saw this tweet:
At one point, Mr. Incredible is trying to help Dash with his math.  Dash tells his dad that he has to do his math the way his teacher tells him to do his math.  Frustrated, Mr. Incredible says, "Math is math!"

So there are some teacher people out there feeling like this is such a negative that the movie should be boycotted.  Really?  Really...

Is this a level of protection our kids need?  Do they need to be shielded from cartoon dads that hate math homework and the "new" way to do math?  Especially when many of our students go home to parents that feel the exact same way. 

Or perhaps the boycotters don't like that Hollywood and Disney have dared to speak of education in a negative sense.  Aren't we continually trying to make our schoolin' efforts better all the time?  This can't possibly be the first time anyone has seen an unappealing view of math homework.

Perhaps, instead of boycotting the movie, watch it with your kid.  Most children will giggle or ignore the scene.  A few will say, "That's you, Dad!"  A few will say, "No way!  I love math!"  Either way, simply have a conversation and provide some guidance.

Now excuse me while I go laugh my way through Bad Teacher.

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