Monday, January 5, 2015

Study Time!

I was looking at my weekly plan this morning, and I realized my weekly ritual of creating this plan and taking care of my big rocks is something I have done for almost two years now.  It has given me many successes and it has certainly improved my level of a fruitful life in all of the important roles I play in this world.

Then the thought popped into my head, "Time to study those Seven Habits again!"

During the last year, I have been honored to facilitate The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me at several campuses.  Each faculty uniquely set the stage for their learning and implementation of these habits.  When excellent educators learn something that will benefit their students, they almost always begin talking about how to implement their new knowledge with students.  This discussion excites the staff more than any other!

Some schools chose kick off their implementation of the Seven Habits by teaching one habit per week, or one habit per month.  Some schools did the first three habits, the private victory, for the first month, then the next three habits, the public victory, during the second month.  Different ways all lead to the same end in mind.

So, like these schools, I am going to invest my time in a bit of study.  One habit at a time.  Like reading a great book or watching a great movie, I expect to see things I didn't see before.  Here I go!

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