Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You can't be open minded until...

I learned a new word early in my college career.  Prereq.  It is short for, "prerequisite," a required prior condition.  Algebra is a prerequisite course for Algebra II.  Algebra II is a prereq for calculus.   You must crawl before you walk.  First do this, then do that.

So with each new adventure I have encountered over the last year, I have known that it would be important to listen first and learn the most.  I needed to watch those around me and ask questions.  Lots of questions.  Folks who know me will tell you that asking questions is definitely not a problem for me!

Approaching each new adventure with an open mind is a prereq for success.  I am passionate about excellent education for kids and I want to be successful, so I head into each day with an open mind so that I may be able to learn from those around me and benefit from their expertise.  But their is a prereq to an open mind.  First, I must be open-hearted.

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