Thursday, April 2, 2015

That's not fair!

This morning I was driving in and I passed three vehicles, the first was what my kids would call a monster truck, the second was a black car, and a dump truck in front.  As I flew by, driving about 15  miles an hour above the speed limit, that black car in the middle was a cop!  I thought, "Rats!  This is the day I get a ticket."

I took my foot off the gas and slowed to the appropriate speed as casually as possible.  Trying to look as if I was doing nothing wrong.  My innocent look would most certainly convince the officer that I had done no wrong!

I kept my head forward and slid right by all three of the them while my eyes searched for a reaction from the cop.  The top of his car didn't immediately light up, so I stopped holding my breath and checked my speed.  Just prior to looking down, I noticed the dump truck in front of the cop didn't even have a license plate!  Well...

...that little fact was all I needed!  Why would he need to pull me over for speeding when the dump truck didn't even have a license plate!  That wouldn't be fair for him to ignore the truck and pull me over!  Why would he pick on me and ignore the other criminal driver???  If he had already pulled the other guy over, like he should have, I wouldn't have even worried about passing him so fast!!!!

Do you know any kids who make mistakes, then try to minimize their own errors by pointing out the errors of everyone else around them, exclaiming, "That's not fair!!!"

I think I do.

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