Monday, November 3, 2014

Homework on a holiday???

Last Monday, our local school district held a professional development day and my kids were stuck at home.  I wanted to check out my older son's real-world problem-solving abilities, so I gave him a homework assignment.  The street light in front of our house was burnt out.  I asked him to report it to whomever needed to know so that it could shine again.

First he asked rhetorically, "Homework on a holiday?" not believing that I was serious.  Then he asked, "Who do I call?"

I replied, "Figure it out!"

A few hours later, he texted that he couldn't find the contact information and asked for a hint.  I thought that was great!  He reached out for guidance.  To be fair, we leave in a small Municipal Utility District (MUD) rather than within the city limits so it was probably quite difficult to find.

I told him the name of our MUD and he was able to get it done.  He found the contact information he needed online and made the report!  Way to go, son!  It is good to see that our kids can actually apply some of the skills we want them to apply to actual human life!

Now, I am busy thinking of other meaningful things for the kids to do!  Any ideas?

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