Monday, November 10, 2014

Plan for a little smile

Have you ever found yourself without a smile and realized that it has been several hours since you wore one?  Perhaps you were intensely involved in a planning for tomorrow.  Perhaps you couldn't get your mind off of yesterday.  Perhaps you were completely wrapped up in a lengthy to-do list and didn't write down, "Stop and Smile," anywhere!

I say, plan for that smile!  Find something that only takes a few minutes, but it can get your brain back on the happy track!  I have recently tried my hand at a little iPhone photography.  I try to capture an artistic pic that I can be proud of.  I may not always get the shot, but the effort makes me smile.  This is my simple method to take a few minutes for myself just to play around and plan for my smile!

Here is yesterday's "just for fun" picture.  There is no meaning to the bottom of the mushroom, other than the fact that it made me smile!

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