Thursday, November 13, 2014

Serious Business!

The Texas State Capitol was abuzz with activity a few days ago.  There were scouts setting up tables for something fun.  A huge group of folks in light blue shirts were on the steps listening to somber music and holding up signs for their cause.  Tourists posed for photos and pointed at everything.  A Segway tour hummed around the sidewalks and throngs of school children played in  the grass.  All the while, the folks working in and around the capitol went about their daily business.

I stopped and watched for a few minutes.  I watched the adults act like adults and the kids act like kids.  It reminded me of my first foray into middle school.  An 8th grade teacher told me that I acted too elementary.  I kinda thought that the place could use a little more elementary!

Watching the activity all around me, I looked for similarities between the kids playing and the blue shirt rally.  Kids were running to and fro, gathering in small groups, chasing each other.  Some were sitting and laughing, others were inspecting the trees and dirt.  A few peered through the fence and waved at passing cars.  Some hung by their teachers and others laid in the grass and looked at the sky.  It was serious business!

The rally also shared a common cause.  They wanted amnesty for some perceived injustice.  They all faced the steps of the building and shook their signs.  They stood together and clapped together.  They hurrah-ed together and cheered simultaneously.  There were also little groups doing their own thing.  Organizing tables and pamphlets.  Setting out water and snacks.  Pointing up and down sidewalks and making decisions about where to do what.  It was serious business!

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