Monday, December 29, 2014


Only a few more days to make yourself a few new promises for 2015.  I've seen a recent trend that makes sense to me.  Rather than the usual resolutions that end up as disappointments after a few days or weeks, quite a few people are setting goals that change habits and involve a support system.  Rather than a promise to "Do Better..." at some thing or another thing, make your resolution measurable and share it with the world!

Principal Salome Thomas-EL (@Principal_EL) set a goal of running 500 miles in 2014.  He challenged folks to join him on Twitter.  Check out hashtag #500in2014 to see examples of how a great Twitter community can work together to achieve goals!

By resolving to run 500 miles during the year, he was able to change his exercise habits and involve others.  He didn't promise to run every day, or even more generic, to get more exercise.  He sustained an injury along the way.  It slowed him down for a bit, but it did not kill his goal!  His goal was a year-long endeavor rather than a simple resolution to do better!  Way to go Principal EL!

He also publicized his progress on Twitter.  What a great way to keep yourself motivated!

Now I need your help.  For 2015, I am going to create a list of books to read.  I am thinking somewhere between eight and twelve for the year.  I will track my progress with #12books2015.

What are the must-read books for 2015?

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