Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I go to Work!

In 1989, Kool Mo Dee released, "I go to Work."  Great song!  For years and years, I never said this phrase.  I always said, "I'm going to school."  Until quite recently, pretty much my entire life has been at school.  Whether I was the student or the teacher or the administrator or the consultant, I was always going to school.  I loved saying that!  I am proud of my profession and I am proud of my service to children and teachers.

Over the last six months, my career path has taken me into an office setting.  I still care passionately about high-quality education and I came here to see if I could serve our students from this vantage point.  Luckily, I can!  Upon my arrival, I knew that my learning curve would be HUGE!  Six months later, it is still steep.  I am still learning more than anyone in the building.  I still ask questions all day long. I am still the lead learner!

Yet, over the last six months, I have said, "I'm going to work."  Perhaps...since I am still learning so much, I should still say, "I am going to school!"

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