Monday, December 1, 2014

31 Scary Days!

My first glance at my Twitter feed this morning reminded me that today is December 1st and we have 31 days left in the year.  I saw numerous tweets and a few blogs about making these last 31 days count, trying new things, being a better friend, listening more and talking less, practicing generosity, and so on.  All good things to remember during the holiday season!

I also saw my little note to myself that has been stuck to my desk for almost two years.  It reads, "Do something every day that scares you!"

I'm sure that I saw this on Twitter and wrote it down.  It is an interesting thought!  I don't think it necessarily means that you need to perform death-defying stunts each day.  It probably should not include attempts to get to work in record time, breaking every traffic law on the way.  But, can I do some thing each day that scares me just a bit?

For the next 31 days, I'm going to record my, "...something that scares me..." each day.  I hope to publish this list to my blog soon afterwards.  Today, I had a conversation with a friend about his health.  He mentioned that he needs to lose about 80 pounds.  I took a deep breath, and bravely told him that I was worried about his health too.  I told him that every day he waits to turn his health around will make his turn-around tougher to accomplish.  I looked him in the eye and honestly told him that he needs to prioritize his health.

I think he was surprised to hear me say it. I was a little surprised too, but what I told him was the truth.  Usually, we want our friends to tell us what we want to hear.  Sometimes, we want our friends to tell us what we need to hear.  It can be quite difficult to know the difference.

I also told him that I believed he could do it and that I would do some push-ups with him every day if he wanted me too!

Thirty days to go!  Join me!  Record yours for 30 days!

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